About Us

Chai Chenak is a project of Khizer Syed, a young entrepreneur who has taken the initiative to rebuild the image of PAKISTANI TRUCK ART THEMED CAFE in NEW JERSEY.

At Chai Chenak you will not only find fresh cooked Pakistani Food but a memorable art experience.

Every single detail in our restaurant is hand made; from dishes to cups and tables, every single one illustrating our amazing art.


WE’RE OPEN: (Ramadan Timings)


Monday --- 07pm - 02 am

Tuesday --- 07pm - 02 am

Wednesday --- 07pm - 02 am -

Thursday --- 07pm - 02 am

Friday --- 07pm - 02 am

Saturday --- 07pm - 02 am

Sunday --- 07pm - 02 am

Want to have an awesome artistic experience while you enjoy Pakistani food?

We know the secret way to prepare deliciousness for you while you enjoy an artistic colorful atmosphere .

Come over with your friends and family to Chai Chenak and drool over your favorite food and a cup of tea.

349A George Street (29.55 mi)
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901

Tel: 732-246-2600
Email: chaichenak@gmail.com

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